Don Diablo and Denzel Chain’s Camp Kubrick Return With 80s Inspired Pop Cut ‘A Different Kind of Lonely’

Camp Kubrick release their first number of 2022 with A Different Kind of Lonely. The duo is made up of Dutch producer Don Diablo and singer Denzel Chain who released a string of singles is 2020 and 2021 including million-plus streamers Falling For You, Johnny’s Online and Whatchu Do all which find themselves celebrating pop with a hint of nostalgia.

Brimming with sparkling eighties flavoured synths and a buoyant sense of nostalgia, A Different Kind of Lonely shines with the smooth, sexy vocals of Denzel, whilst Diablo’s production feels fresh and undeniably cool whilst paying tribute to the classic world of synthpop. A hook-filled chorus sees Denzel croon “Someone is out there / Even if you feel alone / We’re singing a different song / But it got me thinking / Someone is out there,” with lyrics which embody the mystery and ambiguity of eighties pop classics.

A press release notes: “After crafting away in the studio for almost two years, the duo are set to bring you sonic waves of joy that take you back to a time where shoulder pads, leg warmers and mullets were still in fashion. Inspired by acts like Toto, Lionel Richie, Kraftwerk and movies like Back To The Future, The Never Ending Story and Space Odyssey 2001 Camp Kubrick are ready to deliver their own unique twist to the nostalgic 80ies vibes.”

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