Swedish Duo Smith & Thell Deliver Anthemic Optimism on New Single ‘I Feel It In the Wind’

Combining country-folk with pop and dance, Stockholm-based duo Smith & Thell have crafted a distinctive musical identity. Shining with albums such as Soulprints and Pixie’s Parasol, the group continue to explore new sounds such as that heard on their fresh single I Feel It In the Wind.

Produced by Victor Thell, who co-writes alongside Maria Jane Smith and Fredrik Sonefors, I Feel It in the Wind presents a sense of optimism in its message of overcoming adversity and pain heard in lyrics such as the chorus’s: “I feel it in the wind my dear, The sun is gonna reappear, Good days are gonna come along, Hold on…”

Vocally the track impresses and helps sell its optimistic message with a sense of cool and conviction, whilst the stacked multi-instrumental production helps it further soar. If Smith & Thell aren’t your new obsession after this then we can’t help you.

Connect with Smith & Thell here.

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