Rising Pop Talent Justin Jesso Releases Two Part EP ‘Finding The Opposite Of Loneliness’

LA based singer-songwriter Justin Jesso takes listeners on an emotive journey on his freshly-dropped two part EP The Opposite of Loneliness. Tying together Justin’s releases of tracks such as Clarity, 400 Trillion and Lose Ya, the EP is a cohesive glimpse into Justin’s creative range and immersive songwriting.

Justin shares a little behind his decision to divide the EP into two separate parts: “The songs where things are aspirational or going well, and the songs where I am struggling with the loss either of myself or of a significant other. The first part of the EP is where I am the loneliest … where I am struggling to find happiness or myself. The second part of the EP is where I have found the opposite of loneliness and am most happy.” This narrative element heightens the already prescient emotional impact of Justin’s music, building in a sense of optimism throughout.

Justin adds: “My musical style is evolving. This two-part EP covers songs that were released right at the top of the pandemic, most reflective of me coming into myself and my sound, and newer songs like “Lose Ya” that push the envelope on where I plan to go musically.”

Fans can also enjoy hearing Justin’s American Song Contest entry Lifeline on the EP, a track which saw him represent his home state of Illinois on the singing contest.

EP – Part 1
Lose Ya
If You’re Meant To Come Back
Drink Alone

EP – Part 2
Bigger Than
400 Trillion
The End

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