Kfir Returns With Powerhouse New Electronic Pop Single ‘Somewhere Else’

We are delighted that Kfir has returned with a slice of impeccable new music. The multi-talented vocalist releases his first music since 2020 with new single Somewhere Else – the singer’s first track since Fan a Bitch.

The track takes a soulful, rousing approach with percussive electronic production which compliments Kfir’s emotional vocal delivery to an impressive degree. The emotional beats of the song were channelled through Kfir’s frustration of the time stolen from us through the pandemic, he shares:

“Writing this song was cathartic for me. I’m not a very patient person, and that’s something I’m still learning to deal with and being in lockdown forced me to work on that. I can’t count how many times I’ve said, while being in one place, that I wished I was somewhere else instead. Like many others I felt like 2 years of my life was being stolen from me.”

Undoubtedly one of Kfir’s most bold lyrical statements, the singer notes: “I was constantly at war fighting off people who had dangled false hopes and played with my dreams of making it in the music industry. Something about admitting it in a lyric and putting music to it made it easier for me to deal with the emotions of failure, anxiety and insecurity that I was processing during that time, somehow placing cords on those feelings made them easier to deal with and then share with others.”

Somewhere Else joins Kfir’s impeccable discography and showcases a further range to his diverse talents. Mastering nineties inspired house and club flavours on Fan a Bitch and slick big chorus pop on Gigolo, Kfir now delivers a powerhouse electronic gem here.

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