EdFringe 2022 Review: Beats On Pointe

“The sheer skill, synchronicity and enthusiasm of the cast of Beats On Pointe, paired with masterful choreography and a powerhouse soundtrack makes this a must for those seeking some feel-good entertainment.”

Bursting with high energy dance spectacle, Beats On Pointe is a stellar celebration of old school street dance and the world of ballet. Packed with dancers with a true awe-inspiring skill and a soundtrack of killer pop anthems, Beats On Pointe should be the top choice for dance fans or simply those seeking a powerhouse evening of entertainment this Edinburgh Fringe.

The production from Masters of Choreography, who also bring hedonistic cabaret spectacular Wanderlust to the Edinburgh Fringe, features many of same cast members. With dancers including Taylor Diamond Lord, Georgia Rutland, Jamane Virdo, Adam Hedo, Brooke Williams, Kealy Fouracre, Phillip Egan and break dancer Liam Masters, Beats On Pointe features a range of dance styles, paying tribute to all forms whilst incorporating humour and a high-energy sense of family friendly fun.

Structuring its early moments as something of a battle between the world of street dance versus ballet, the performers take place in a playfully heated dance off, attempting to one-up each other’s style. Jovial mockery and amusing bickering take place amidst the slick, immaculately choreographed routines before a slow-motion crowning of one team. It’s inventive moments such as these that help keep Beats On Pointe interactive and consistently crowd-pleasing.

Further fresh elements are included such as darkened routines with glow in the dark laces or ballet dancers with LED lit tutus, small touches that ensure Beats On Pointe feels fresh and ever-inventive. What strikes throughout, is also the synchronicity employed by the performers – clearly months of rehearsals and raw talent come into play to create routines with each performer near mirroring the timings, movements and finesse of one another – resulting in polished, highly-professional routines. The high quality does not come at the expense of performer enthusiasm with the cast radiating with a sense of passion for their craft and this is undoubtedly picked-up by the warm audience reception at Sunday evening’s show.

Head-spinning breakdancing, elegant ballet manoeuvres , and a plethora of flips pepper many of the routines ensuring that each number has its own unique character and distinctive energy. Moments including the still extremely beautiful Taylor Diamond Lord showcasing his finesse as a drummer (we’re still open for marriage proposals), or performers donning old-fashioned outfits to perform a comic routine, help add further charm and character to Beats On Pointe.

Huge praise should be to the music selections of Beats On Pointe, a soundtrack adorned with vintage pop classics straight up to contemporary anthems helps ensure the energy of routines remains stratospherically high. A Jackson medley featuring Janet Jackson’s Nasty and Rhythm Nation, ballet moonwalking to Michael Jackson, and routines to The Jackson’s Can You Feel It are highlights. Hits from Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, Earth Wind and Fire, and Chaka Khan also keep the setlist packed with classics, whilst more contemporary numbers from Calvin Harris, Beyoncé and Rihanna ensuring the choices make some more recent favourites. A finale set to We Found Love proves to be mesmerising fast-paced spectacle packed with talent which brings proceedings to a celebratory conclusion.

The sheer skill, synchronicity and enthusiasm of the cast of Beats On Pointe, paired with masterful choreography and a powerhouse soundtrack makes this a must for those seeking some feel-good entertainment.

Beats On Pointe runs until August 29th at the Assembly on the Mound this Edinburgh Fringe. Get tickets here.

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