EdFringe 2022 Review: Wanderlust

Undoubtedly the raunchiest, most high energy cabaret that you will watch at four forty-five in the afternoon, Wanderlust is a riotous treat. Bringing dynamic dance routines, spellbinding musical numbers, seductive burlesque, and electrifying aerial gymnastics to the Assembly George Square Gardens’ Palais du Variete.

With Jonathan Grant as our uninhibited master of ceremonies, Wanderlust sets its fusion of dance and cabaret to a pulsating contemporary soundtrack – packing its routines with a late-night riotious energy, something that the crowd are quick to get on board with – as showcased in an audience participation-driven dance off.

Opening with a powerhouse dance routine, shirtless male performers Taylor (swoons), Jamane and Gabriel deliver a raucous, enthralling start to the show. The immediate kinkiness of Wanderlust is apparent in the fact that each of the dancers is clad with a blue dildo in the routine. The trio showcase an impressive finesse in their movements bringing a gymnastic skill and athleticism to the fold in the routine as seen in vaults across the catwalk style stage, backflips and an assortment of other flips and twists. Expect glistening torsos, muscles and titillation galore.

Jonathan Grant is a host with a powerhouse charisma, able to command the audience’s attention and never for a moment dropping the flamboyant flirtatious charm. The MC delves into bold renditions of Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now and later a captivating take on Nessun Dorma accompanied by dancer Brooke. Grant is an impressive vocalist, his voice filling the Palais du Variete. Unafraid to join in the raunchiness expected of the other performers, Grant also dons a glittered jock strap for for the Celine number as well as becoming a prop to be whipped and toyed with by enthused audience members during the show’s dance-off number.

A burlesque routine set to Fever provides some late night glamour and seductive charm. Kealy’s aerial hoop routines also add some more death-dying thrills to Wanderlust, whilst Brooke’s elegant ballet provides some further finesse. There is also a comedy skit with Jamane as a sexually-charged older woman to add to the humorous ambiance.

Wanderlust provides raucous, high energy fun whilst presenting artistry of an impressively high standard. If you’re a fan of cabaret with a raunchy edge – this is the show for you.

Wanderlust run until August 28th in the Assembly George Square Gardens. Get tickets here.

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