EdFringe 2022 Review: Tina Del Twist – Caravan in the Sky

“Tina delights in a mix of elegant pop numbers and side-splitting anecdotes in this delightful comic cabaret.”

Australian cabaret talent Tina Del Twist charms with her latest show Caravan in the Sky which takes residence at the Assembly Checkpoint this Edinburgh Fringe. Tina delights in a mix of elegant pop numbers and side-splitting anecdotes in this delightful comic cabaret.

Clad in a fetching purple velvet turban and dress, Tina shares with us the benefits of being alone as she emerges from her pop-up tent in the middle of the Assembly stage. Joined by a three piece band, Tina shares the conflicting love of being isolated but also being close to people – whether that be at her beloved caravan park or in the heart of the city. Peppering her comic monologues with songs and physical comedy, Tina is a wonder to behold.

Opening with a set piece of emerging from her tent and carefully placing LED bulb letters at the side of the stage welcoming NTIA to the stage, carefully repositioning these and attempting to fold-up her pop-up tent for several minutes, Tina declares that it’s time to let the audience in. Pouring red wine into a goldfish bowl sized glass, the chanteuse then launches into musical numbers including Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy. Tina’s voice is immediately striking in its elegant velvety timbre as she is immaculately accompanied by piano, drum and cello instrumentation.

Tina peppers the musical numbers with gentle audience interaction that provides some big laughs – small comic notes such as misnaming members of the audience or incorrectly discussing what city she is in are clever repeated moments capturing a snapshot of Tina’s wit. As Tina launches into a rendition of Eric Carmen’s All By Myself she requests an audience member film her so as it can be used as part of a Eurovision audition – with the poor shaky hand still filming four minutes into the track, Tina declares ‘Get it all.’ Tina has a natural warmth that radiates on stage, she’s a mighty raconteur even when the point of her stories may be hard to find, she still grips us.

Renditions of Amyl and The Sniffers’ Hertz and One Is the Loneliest Number by Three Dog Night further showcase Tina’s ability to pack attitude and emotion into her renditions. However, she is also able to tackle more upbeat material in the form of a poppy take on Kiki Dee’s I’ve Got the Music in Me and Donna Summer’s I Feel Love.

A magnetic stage presence, Tina even has her own personal stage-hand following her around as she darts from various sides of the stage, the young man tasked with making sure her transportable steps are in place and the star does not take a 2ft tumble.

Crafting a welcome environment brimming with Tina’s warmth, comic charm, and smooth song, Caravan in the Sky is a triumph.

Tina Del Twist: Caravan in the Sky is in town until August 28th. Get tickets here.

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