Joey Arias Delivers Impeccable Avant Garde Pop On ‘Past Present Future’ Album

Artist, musician and cabaret star Joey Arias releases new full length studio album Past Present Future, a striking fusion of pop, jazz, singer-songwriter and cabaret numbers. Joey delivers vocals which dazzle with a spellbinding emotion and majesty against Zachary McMillan and Thomas Karl’s production arrangements.

On the album, Joey told Lavender Magazine: “Everyone who worked at Pachyderm was so professional, so amazing. Everyone from the tech, to the engineers, to the food, to the gardeners. It was like a dream, It was a dream come true. It was the ultimate focus.” The star adds “We were supposed to do 15 songs, but we ended up doing 30 songs,” he shares, “Because everyone was so on top of it, and asking what do we do now, what do we do next.”

Joey spoke about Past Present Future further: “When we first started this project I was asked ‘What do I want out of this project?’ I said, ‘Well this is going to be the past, the present, and the future. The past refers to songs and material I did, basically as a teenager, when I was signed to Capital Records. The present is all the material that we wrote in Minnesota, in the studio. The future is…. It’s a combination of everything. Pop. Modern. Avant-garde. The sexy. The sensual. It has hard hits. And it has soft hits.”

Highlights include the stunning Your Science (Better Half), a cosmic love song, whilst pre-release singles Ooh, What a Feeling, Don’t Cry and No One Knows hit with impeccable finesse. Pop with a Joey Arias spin. See the full tracklist below:

  1. Other Side of Midnight
  2. Your Science (Better Half)
  3. Don’t Cry
  4. People and Music
  5. I Can’t Because I Love You
  6. Tongue Talk
  7. No One Knows
  8. Cigarette Break
  9. Ooh, What a Feeling
  10. R + I In Love
  11. Up Last Night
  12. Inside The Ocean
  13. Strange Resume
  14. Eliot’s Coda

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