Michele Morrone Seeks True Love On Mediterranean Inspired Pop-Rock Number ‘Player’

New music from Michele Morrone is always an exciting way to start your Friday and the Italian singer and actor delights with his latest rock-infused pop cut Player. Michele co-writes with Dominic Buczkowski, Julien Boverod and Patryk Kumór, with Kumór and Buczkowski also producing.

With a pounding bassline and near Mediterranean inspired production layered with sharp electronics, Michele’s gravelly vocals sit nicely atop the varied musical tableau. Player follows previous singles Beautiful and Another Day which the heartthrob also released through Universal Music Germany. The singer is set to release his second studio album this autumn.

Michele tells us: “My new song “Player” is about me and my path to true love. So often it seems to me that I’m desired by everyone, but no one wants to take the risk of accepting me as I am. They’re afraid of how I live my life – always on the move around the world, playing different roles and working as a singer. I’m never sure if they’re interested in me as a person, or in what I represent to the outside world.”

Michele was last seen in Netflix sequel 365 Days: This Day. The third film in the steamy Polish series, The Next 365 Days, drops Aug. 19.

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