Victor Crone Delivers Slick Pop Vibes on ‘Dynamite’, His Latest Single

Swedish musical talent Victor Crone delivers his second single of 2022, the slick pop anthem Dynamite. The track follows his previous release Wind In My Sails and explores alternative sonic territory, playing with electronic pop elements with a hint of R&B vibes.

Victor co-writes Dynamite with Marcus Svedin and Richard Smitt with production from Marcus. The former Eurovision representative croons “Show me how you move with a vibe turned up / Show me what you do when the light burns out / Show me how to love in the darkest night / Cos’ our love is blowing up like dynamite…” in the rousing sing-a-long chorus.

Dynamite once again shows Victor’s skill and finesse for crafting an absorbing and earworming pop track, with all from the vocals to the production shining on his latest release.

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