Swedish Pop Talent Molly Hammar Celebrates Breaking Free On New Single ‘Tell Her’

Molly Hammar celebrates breaking free from comforts and predictability on her new single, Tell Her. The Swedish pop talent follows her 2021 single Love Me Blind with this new release which she co-writes with the track’s producer Alex Shield.

Molly shares: “‘Tell Her’ is written and based on a vision I’ve had about all the people who stay in relationships just because they feel comfortable and safe. The song is an anthem about how great things could be if you leave it for something that could potentially be amazing.”

Opening with the Idol and Melodifestivalen talent’s crisp, soulful vocals, production gradually builds to lush mid-tempo pop as the songstress croons “So whose gonna tell her? / You found somebody to call on / And I’m the devil / So say it, I don’t wanna lie…” capturing the idea of making a hard call in a relationship for the greater good.

Molly will be known to fans around Europe for her Melfest tracks I’ll Be Fine and Hunger – as well as penning Ira Losco’s 2016 song for Malta, Walk On Water.

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