Rising Talent OREN Delivers Must Hear Pop Triumph ‘IN YOUR HEAD’

The inviting vocals of OREN welcome us to IN YOUR HEAD, the latest track from the LA-based musician. The singer crafts a woozy electronic pop affair that bounces with springing synths, seductively charming vocals, and soundscapes that feel both introspective and exuberantly confident.

OREN shared with listeners: “This song came from a very dark place and time. I think it could have a lot of different meanings depending on the listener though, so I’ll let you decide what it’s really about. I just hope you find some sort of meaning in it that’s helpful (and that you dance to it, obviously).”

With lyrics including “Hello? You said / Nothing really changes / Till you’re dead / I guess / But why you gotta be so negative?” OREN crafts a mysterious narrative that draws us in further with hypnotic rhythms and smooth vocal delivery. OREN shared “This song is about someone trying to talk themselves out of a nervous breakdown,” with the track delving into tendencies to over-analyse when in an anxious place. The singer writes IN YOUR HEAD, which he co-produces alongside Lior Buskilla and Anton Kossoy.

OREN will be soon following with new material Hold U on Valentine’s Day and XXX and March 14th.

We can’t wait to hear more from OREN. We are in love with this music. Connect here: Twitter / Spotify / Instagram / Facebook

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