Asbjørn Delivers Impeccable Scandinavian Pop On ‘Remember My Name’, Ahead of ‘BOYOLOGY’ Album

Danish artist Asbjørn continues his impressive run of 2021 singles, following Young Dumb Crazy and (Love Like A) Teenager with his latest pop gem Remember My Name. Written and produced by Asbjørn, the single is a defiant pop anthem that asserts the musical talent as one that you won’t easily forget.

The singer told music site Alfitude: “I am generally pretty bad at being sad. And in my music I often contrast sadness with high energy, so my body can dance it out, rather than cry. I wrote ‘Remember My Name’ on top of the beatbox beat, and tapping into my frustration in the chorus felt very empowering at the time. The lyrics have a double meaning to me;  ‘you’re gonna remember my name, the boy that got away’ could be sung to an old  lover, yes. But it could also be directed towards the people who don’t believe in you.”

Remember My Name is set to join Asbjørn’s previous 2021 singles and tracks PG13 and Be Human on the singer’s upcoming studio album BOYOLOGY. We’re massively excited for Asbjørn’s album – he brings a sense of vulnerability and rawness through emotive lyrics, paired with dramatic pop productions adorned with catchy hooks and impeccable Scandi pop craftsmanship.

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