Norwegian Emerging Pop Talent Eric Tryland Debuts New Single ‘Alright’

It’s hard to believe that Alright is only Eric Tryland’s third single on Spotify. The track has the polish and appeal of a seasoned artist with its immaculate energetic production, slick pop hooks and soulful vocals.

Emerging talent Eric has already dropped singles Behaviour and Daily this year, he shares a little about himself: “My name is Eric, and I’m a 22-year-old happy guy from Norway with an extreme dedication for pop music. I’m writing and producing my songs from my bedroom, with a lot of help from my friends. My first single “Daily” was first written for another artist, but after some time in my dropbox-folder, I decided to put it out myself.”

We’re delighted Eric has decided to step into the spotlight himself as he is a fresh voice in the industry and one of the many incredible pop talents emerging from Norway in recent years.

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