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Boy Untitled Releases Haunting New Single ‘Losing Time’, Unveils Ambitious Video

Boy Untitled has been keeping us fed with tracks such as Imposter and Lionsgate recently, and now the singer returns with a brand new slice of his upcoming Zenith project, the atmospheric Losing Time.

Boy Untitled describes the track as a ‘suave, futuristic pop track’, noting that it ‘explores the consequences of the pressures upon relationships during the intense quarantine period, and ultimately, potential divorce.’

With intoxicatingly sparse electronic production initially and an honest vocal tone, Losing Time builds to a fast-paced electronic-pop feast as the singer croons: “Let’s confront the feeling, our love is automatic, Still all in, but you don’t want it when you have it…” capturing the sense of difficult emotional turmoil.

The singer adds: With “Losing Time” I wanted to be 100% honest about the struggle. I want people to talk about these problems more, because I know how painful it can be to be stuck inside of the “loop” and feeling like I can’t talk about it with anyone. Feeling isolated and alone inside of a relationship is a special kind of pain. Incessant and unforgiving self-reflection, conversations and arguments that have been had a million times, both partners feeling incapable of breaking the cycle – it all made me feel crazy. It brought my marriage to the brink. Slowly beating underneath all of this pain, was this fear and sadness that we are losing time.”

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