Evripidis and His Tragedies Tackles Painful Trauma on Dramatic New Song ‘Lycabettus’

The cathartic power of music cannot be understated and this is something explored by musician Evripidis and His Tragedies who revisits a painful moment that he and his then partner experienced in a homophobic attack. The Athens-born musical talent debuts Lycabettus as a means of chronicling the traumatic event and reminding us the fight for LGBTQI+ rights still has a way to go.

Whilst many releases throughout Pride month are geared towards dancefloor-orientated escapism, Lycabettus showcases further reasons of the importance of pride. Evripidis details the meaning behind the track’s title: “Lycabettus is a hill that dominates the skyline of downtown Athens, a steep rocky formation that pops out of the very heart of the city centre.”

He adds “It is an important song for me, as it recreates the facts of a homophobic attack that my then partner and I suffered while going down that hill, a few years ago. That experience affected and transformed way beyond the physical consequences and though I moved on, the scars are still there.”

The track, an outtake from Evripidis’s Neon Kosmos album sessions was omitted due to its dark tone. Yet Evripidis felt that this was a song that deserved it’s own moment to standout: “I am choosing to share this song and give it the standout status I feel it deserves, as a chronicle of a terrifying past experience, but also as a reminder that there is a long way to go and many a fight to fight for LGBTQI+ rights.”

Stream the track above. Connect with Evripidis below.