Gary Kemp Announces Solo Album ‘INSOLO’, Releases Single and Video for ‘Ahead Of The Game’

Spandau Ballet icon Gary Kemp has revealed details of his latest solo album, INSOLO, which arrives twenty-five years after his solo debut Little Bruises. The official description notes: “Gary has written and produced an album that focuses on two dominant themes: the paradox of solitude in an urban landscape, and his growing obsession with life seen through a rear-view mirror and how the past infects our present.”

INSOLO was mainly written on piano and guitar and produced in Gary’s studio with his long-time collaborator Toby Chapman. These sounds can be heard in Ahead Of The Game, the album’s first single which packs a soulful pop-rock quality and shimmers through its elegant production.

As part of Spandau Ballet, Gary became one of the most commercially successful writers of the eighties with hits including True, Gold, and Through the Barricades. The band’s most recent original tracks came in 2014 with four new studio tracks released as part of compilation The Story – The Very Best of Spandau Ballet. As well as his career with the band and solo release Little Bruises, Gary has navigated a successful career in acting, writing, and other musical endeavours.

You can pre-order Gary’s upcoming solo LP ahead of its 18th of June release.

1 In Solo  
2 A Rumour Of You  
3 Waiting For The Band  
4 Ahead Of The Game  
5 I Remember You  
6 Too Much  
7 The Fastest Man In The World  
8 I Am The Past  
9 The Feet Of Mercury  
10 The Haunted  
11 Our Light