Slayyyter Drops ‘Cowboys’ Single and Video Ahead of ‘Troubled Paradise’ Album Release

You have to hand it to Slayyyter, every single release from her upcoming Troubled Paradise album has been a mini era – each with its own visual identity. Her latest single Cowboys maintains this approach – something channelled through its Revolving Style directed and produced video.

“Cowboys tryna break my heart, But this is not my first time at the rodeo, At the rodeo…” Slayyyter sings against crunching industrial beats, bringing bravado and bolshy attitude into play. The track brings more soulful elements to the fold in its quieter final chapter as Slayyyter sings: “Let you come over every single night, Then you left and hung me out to dry, I’ve seen you on posters wanted for your crimes, Baby, I won’t let you hurt me twice” channelling empowering energy.

Check out the full Troubled Paradise tracklist below:

1. Self-Destruct (feat. Wuki)
2. Venom
3. Throatzillaaa
4. Dog House
5. Butterflies…
6. Troubled Paradise
7. Clouds
8. Cowboys
9. Serial Killer
10. Over That
11. Villain
12. Letters

Pre-order the vinyl here ahead of its June 11th release. Follow Slayyyter:
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