Nashville-Based Talent Tyler Rayn Releases Vulnerable Pop Anthem ‘Crossfire’

Nashville based artist Tyler Rayn releases gorgeous emotional pop gem Crossfire. The track sees Tyler bare his soul as he sings of overcoming personal demons and hardship, with the singer noting: “I hope you enjoy this vulnerable very personal song I wrote about overcoming our demons & toxic people in our lives. You are strong enough & you are worth it. Keep fighting for the best version of YOU & don’t lose yourself in the “Crossfire””

The track is written by Tyler and Steven Matthew DuPuy. With an impressive sense of transparency about it, Tyler sings “I can’t afford to lose myself, in the crossfire, my shields are up, won’t let you break me down to the wire…” against minimalistic pop production.

The track follows Tyler’s previous releases: 2021’s Do It Again and 2020 releases Voodoo and Better That Way – with each release Tyler showcasing just how versatile an artist that he is. The singer is currently working on his debut full-length studio album.

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