Emerging Talent James Alphonse Releases Funk-Infused New Track ‘Crazy For You’

Rising musical talent James Alphonse has delivered a cool slice of pop music, the suave Crazy For You. The track follows the singer’s 2020 releases We Can Do Better and What Are We Doing Here.

With funk-infused basslines, a smooth falsetto and powerful guitar hooks, Crazy For You is a wonderful showcase for James as an artist. The singer croons “I can’t fake it, Take my heart or break it, Cause I’m tired of being crazy for you.” in lyrics written by himself alongside Andre Kaden Black and Tal Vaisman.

James told us: “In university, I enjoyed getting to know different people to see if it felt right; I was slow to know. One day, it seemed like the right person came along and I was finally ready to pour myself into a real relationship, but the other person wasn’t there with me.   I recognized then what it may have been like for those who dated me thinking it could’ve gotten more serious, when I wasn’t ready, so this song is an apology to them.”

The singer has been making a name for himself touring Ontario, Canada with different groups, winning awards at various universities and opening for a variety of indie bands. You can connect with him below: