Eurovision Spain: Voting Opens for Blas Cantó’s Two Eurovision Songs ‘Memoria’ and ‘Voy a quedarme’

Blas Cantó was one of the first 2020 acts announced to taking part in Eurovision 2021. The Spanish singer has debuted two tracks in contention for his Eurovision – Memoria (‘Memory’) and Voy a quedarme (‘I’m Going to Stay’). The former an uplifting mid-tempo that showcase Blas’s vocal range against thumping contemporary production. The latter a mellow, piano-driven ballad with gently rousing production.

We’re more drawn to Memoria which feels like it would allow Blas to deliver more of a ‘moment’ on the Eurovision stage. Voy a quedarme is slightly less memorable for us.

You can listen to both of Blas’s tracks below. Vote for your favourite here.

Memoria’ (Written by  Steve Daly, Oliver Som, Leroy Sanchez and Blas Cantó)

Voy a quedarme‘ (Written by Leroy Sanchez, Daniel Ortega ‘Dangelo’, Dan Hammond and Blas Cantó)