Daniel Donskoy Delivers Alt-Pop Gem ‘Bring Me Back My Smile’

Emerging musical artist Daniel Donskoy releases his first music of 2021 with Bring Back My Smile – an inspired alt-pop gem that blends genres including soul and pop with vocal delivery that occasionally feels like a rap track. Daniel spoke a little about the inspiration behind the release:

“We spend so much time perfecting ourselves, trying to become the best and strongest version of ourselves. But we should do that for our own benefit, not to please others or to get the love we so desperately want. I found it so hard to go back to the version of myself that had self-respect and self-confidence after being treated badly in a relationship. This is a song about not letting go of yourself,  whilst also being able to share your life with someone else.”

Daniel draws from his connections around the globe ranging from Moscow to Tel Aviv when crafting his music. He’s set to drop two more releases this year, which focus on the ideas of freedom and self-improvement which can he heard in Bring Me Back My Smile.

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