Michael Medrano and Dance Yourself Clean’s ‘Sugar’ Is The Dancefloor Escapism We Need To Take Us Into 2021

A week into its release and we are falling deeper and deeper in love with Michael Medrano and producing collective Dance Yourself Clean’s Sugar. Providing a true slice of nostalgic escapism, the nu-disco anthem features the savvy lyrical magic and impeccable production that we have come to adore in Michael’s releases.

“Sugar, sugar, touch me like a pornstar, Ain’t no talking, put me where your lips are, What’s your pleasure? Let me get your rocks off, You’re my secret love on Sunset Boulevard,” Michael sings on the earworming chorus which immediately crafts a nostalgia for dancefloors, sweaty neon-lit clubs, and the excited atmosphere of people looking for a good time – all things we have sorely missed in 2020.

This is a joyous slice of disco-influenced pop that continues Michael’s winning streak from tracks such as Hands on U, Do Your Thing!, and Fluids.

Connect with Michael on his Instagram and Twitter. You can connect with Dance Yourself Clean here. Stream Sugar above.