Edinburgh: One of the Most Desirable Cities in the UK

Our jaws were on the floor last week when Boris Johnson triumphantly declared his Brexit trade deal a Christmas gift to the country, whilst President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen noted a sense of bittersweet lament at a deal finally being negotiated. Whilst celebrations may have been occurring in Westminster between the Prime Minister and his allies, across the border in Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared this new trade deal was ‘forcing Scotland in wrong direction.’ This pro-European stance and desire to escape hard-Brexiteer isolationism is a sentiment that is undoubtedly felt by the First Minister’s countrymen – particularly in these pandemic-focussed times when a sense of community and support is undeniably a good thing. Despite Britain heading for not-very-splendid isolation, Scotland will unfalteringly retain its community spirits and open arms to our European family.

Whilst Glasgow, the nation’s largest city is not without its charms and there are heavenly spots all around the patriotic country to bring joy, we have a particular love for Edinburgh. With a bustling arts scene in the forms of galleries and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Edinburgh International Film Festival (the latter set to get a state of the art new film hub), a rich and vibrant history (seen in the likes of Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle), an eclectic shopping scene – spearheaded by a state of the art new shopping complex, and the easy access to nature (the Pentland Hills, Arthur’s Seat, the Meadows, and a plethora of country parks a stone’s throw away). It seems we’re not alone in our thinking with numerous property reports confirming that Edinburgh has the highest level of price growth in any major UK city.

For those looking to experience a slice of what Edinburgh has to offer, Rightmove notes the average house price is £294,142, creeping up 4% since 2019. Whilst that can look like quite an intimidating figure, there are plenty of tools on MortgageCalculators.info including their UK Mortgage Repayment Calculator which helps calculate the monthly payments required on a mortgage or a fixed rate loan along with interest-only payments. Requiring simple details such as home price, deposit/down payment, mortgage loan amount, and mortgage loan term, you then need to fill in whether your loan is Fixed Rate Amortising and Variable-Rate Interest-Only Loan and a small number of details. The results are calculated in a very clear and easy to understand manner with the option of printing out loan overviews or monthly payment schedules.

Tools like the UK Mortgage Repayment Calculator are undeniably useful when calculating the financial realities of future moves and in these very uncertain times thanks to both Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic, having financial concepts explained in a clear, easy to understand manner is invaluable. Those looking to embrace the welcoming charm of Scotland – we can’t wait to have you – just make sure to self-isolate for ten days upon arrival!