Finnish Pop Favourite Robin Packalen Releases English Language EP ‘Rest in Beat PM’

We recently featured Robin Packalen’s English language single Drop Dead – an all guns blazing electronic pop anthem filled with dark temptation and fiery energy. The singer releases the track with another five in the fantastically titled Rest in Beat PM.

The title really does hit the mark, as for most of the tracks Robin keeps the BPM high and energy levels bouncing. The rippling electronic bass of Better Than That throws us into the dark synthy world crafted by the Finnish pop star, his vocals rippling with attitude and charisma. The swagger of Dancing Around Your Mind shimmers across silky electro-grooves whilst Robin shines on the moody Any Minute Now which feels like the singer’s answer to The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights – rippling synths and powerhouse chorus with some tremendous vocal effects truly hook us in.

Penultimate track Waves has a wintery elegance as Robin showcases a vulnerable side, managing to conjure up some emotive, poignancy with lyrics such as “Shine on your baby, And tear up the sky, Cause every time the waves will call her in.” Dark synths and powerhouse vocals paired with dramatic, anthemic production on Built to Fall Apart brings the set to a showstopping conclusion that highlights Robin’s skill and finesse as a recording artist.

Robin notes that the release will be followed by an AM section, he noted on his Instagram: “I’m so happy to finally release these songs that I’ve been working on for such a long time. This year has been a little different than we all expected and it affected on this album’s production too. First I wanted to put all the songs out as one entire album, but the longer I worked on them and the more I developed and understood them, I realised there were two distinctive themes the songs were falling into – light vs. dark, day vs. night. The idea to split the album in two was born and that’s exactly what I did! So the letter combination PM is followed by AM sometime next year.”

We’re massively excited for the next chapter in Robin’s international music journey – but at the moment, we’re going to have these six gems on repeat.

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