Interview: Max & Harvey Talk New Single ‘Worry a Little Less’, School Daze Podcast and Celebrity X Factor Experience

We had the pleasure of finding out a little bit more about Max & Harvey’s fantastic new single Worry a Little Less, their new Spotify exclusive podcast School Daze, and their experience on The Celebrity X Factor.

Worry a Little Less is a fantastic introduction to you guys as songwriters. What prompted the decision to start writing your own material?

Have you heard of Gangnam style? I’m kidding, but we really thought it was time for us to put our experiences into songs and making them closer to us and more relatable 

There’s a clear sense of positivity shining throughout Worry a Little Less. Was it a conscious to go upbeat given how tough 2020 has been?

We thought that everyone needed a bit of a boost into 2021 because obviously were not trying to avoid what is happening in the world but it’s good to have a positive distraction that can make people a little bit happier 

Is Worry a Little Less indicative of the sound of other material you have been working on?

It is the start to our writing that will hopefully develop into something great when we one day figure out our sound, we’re getting close.

Can we expect the track to form part of an album, EP or are you taking a more standalone approach with single releases?

We’re definitely going for a few single releases to experiment with some things, as we don’t think we’re ready for an album yet but we won’t turn down a possible EP, we just aren’t working on one as of now.

Who have you guys been listening to recently?

Quite a lot of YUNGBLUD and The Kid LAROI

Can you tell me a little bit more about your podcast School Daze? How did the collaboration with Spotify come about? Who came up with the theme?

The podcast is a great way for Harvey and I to just chat about life and our school lives with other celebs and friends. We came up with the whole project after one of the Spotify reps Avi Kalra gave us the idea of school daze. We worked on loads of cool segments and ideas for the podcast, which was so easy with Avi, as we’ve worked with him on a few projects before like Nickelodeon’s slime fest. 

What is it about the magic of school days that people get so nostalgic about?

Everyone had a school life didn’t they? Whether it was the best or worst time of their life everyone looks back on it fondly because school is what makes you who you are, and EVERYONE has their own unique story to tell, so it’s like listening to a new concept every episode, nothing EVER repeats.

How were your own school reports? Do any comments spring to mind about young Max and Harvey’s school days?

My school report (Max) wasn’t too great when I was in primary school, I had quite a few distraction issues and got put on a ‘badly behaved’ report and Harvey was a goody two shoes, but when we got into secondary school the roles completely reversed! 

You’ve managed to have some diverse talent guest on the podcast so far like Love Island and X- Factor Celebrity’s Eyal and Wes. Who would be your dream guests for podcast?

Would definitely be so cool if I was able to talk to Jon Bellion as he’s an artist I aspire to be like, I love his music. (Max) 

What are your thoughts on The X Factor Celebrity experience? Was it as surreal as it seems being part of the “X Factor machine” and perhaps being two of the final contestants of the franchise?

It was weird to be on the closing series of the brand, but what I can say is that it changed Harvey and I as musicians. It put us under so much pressure with early mornings and late nights, constantly singing and changing things to create more intense tv, and the fact that we went through all of that as 16-year olds and came out 2nd made us think, ‘wow, we might be able to do a lot more than we expected’ and we can’t wait to show people what we’re going to do.

Are there any reality television series that would take your fancy in the future?

We’ve always said we’d love to do bake-off but as a ‘double team’ and people would think that would be unfair but TRUST ME it wouldn’t, it would give all of the other contestants an advantage over us

Spotify Original podcast School Daze with Max and Harvey is available exclusively on Spotify now.  The new single ‘Worry A Little Less’ is out now and tickets for their 2021 tour – This is not a Phase, are on sale now 

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