Nicole Kidman, Queen of Pop? Actress Releases Jazz Standard ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’

Nicole Kidman is a flawless queen. She elevates films and television shows with her mere presence alone. She’s an ageless goddess who oozes class. Yet she’s refreshingly down to earth when interviewed and joyously self-deprecating. A talent that she is often not so widely celebrated for is her music ability – something which she showcases in her newly released version of Dream a Little Dream of Me from HBO television hit The Undoing.

Nicole brings a warmth to the track, which shines through its laid-back production. Her gentle tones suit the elegance of the 1931 originating jazz standard from Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt.

Of course Nicole does have a wealth of musical experience, starring in perhaps the greatest contemporary movie musical of all time: Moulin Rouge, not to mention one of our underrated favourites Nine – her version of Unusual Way still adorns many of our playlists. Nicole will be further stretching her musical chops in the upcoming Prom musical hitting Netflix from Ryan Murphy. Let’s not also forget Nicole’s version of Prince hit Kiss from Happy Feet and her UK Christmas number one Somethin’ Stupid with Mr Robbie Williams.

Bring on the album Nicole! Stream Dream a Little Dream of Me above, watch the recording session below. The Undoing is currently streaming on Sky Atlantic.

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