Culture Fix’s Dream Eurovision Song Contest Line-Up

All Eurovision fans dream of their choices for each country’s national selection. Whether that be realistic or totally unrealistic, it’s still fun to think of who we would like to see feature in the greatest song contest of all time. Below, we’ve picked a few European nations (and Australia!) and chosen a few selections for who we would love to see take a stab at Eurovision on their behalf.

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Australia: Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue’s legacy as a chart topping pop and dance act should not be underestimated with the singer having countless hits across the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand since her pop debut in 1990. Seamlessly flowing between genres from pop to club anthems with hits like I Begin to Wonder, Who Do You Love Now, Love and Kisses, and Everlasting Night – not to mention recent pop triumphs such as the Sia-penned Galaxy, Dannii could make a blistering return to the music world using Eurovision as the platform to do so. Dannii’s status as an out and out gay icon, is something that is likely to also strike a chord with Eurovision fans across the globe.

Azerbaijan: Emin

Baku-born pop favourite Emin has the illustrious honour of performing as the ESC 2012 interval act which went down well. The singer has a wealth of material both in the English language and in Russian, with popularity across Europe. His material has been playlisted by BBC Radio 2 in the UK and his albums have found success here too, thanks to singles such as Baby Get Higher and Boomerang. The singer also has the sex appeal and charisma to be a hit with Eurovision fans.

Cyprus or Greece: Vangelis Kakouriotis

The handsome Vangelis Kakouriotis continues to make a name for himself with his releases through Panik Records (the same label Miss Eleni Foureira is signed to) in Greece and Cyprus. Vangelis has previously performed with Eurovision entrants: Luca Hanni, Polina Gagarina, and Mikolas Josef, and has also expressed interest in representing either nation. His hits Prophecy, Heart of Gold, and Paidi Apo Spiti make him the perfect candidate for either Mediterranean nation.

France: Mylène Farmer

French musical royalty Mylène Farmer was a rumoured participant back in 1991 with her track Désenchantée but was not pursued. However the versatile chanteuse has continued to adapt her style and musical output over the years – best exemplified in her version Eurovision friendly 2018 album Désobéissance produced by house musician Feder. Any of these tracks would have been a success at Eurovision, and the fact that Mylène is an established name with a devout fanbase would only help her performance in the contest.

Italy: Aiello

Few individuals lack the urban cool and swagger of Italian talent Aiello. The singer who released his album EX VOTO in 2019 and has followed this with hit singles Che Canzo Siamo and Vienimi (a ballare) continues to go from strength to strength in his native Italy. With a charm that could easily capture widespread European appeal and a distinctive vocal energy, Aiello is destined for global success.

Latvia: Markus Riva

The Supernova favourite, pop talent, and Vegan sex symbol is destined for a turn at Eurovision – it is simply a case of when rather than if. Markus’s dancefloor friendly pop exemplified in stellar English-language albums MR and I CAN, as well as his versatility in both Russian and Latvian pop seen in singles Man Nesanāk and Vēl Pēdējo Reiz, make him an ideal candidate for Eurovision. We’re ready for Markus to be anointed Eurovision King.

Russia or Ukraine: Max Barskih

The Ukrainian singer has come massively close to Eurovision selection glory with his 2012 single Dance, but unfortunately was unsuccessful. Yet Max now has a further nine years of industry experience and a discography that reads as very Eurovision friendly – something showcased in club singles Silence and Lonely. The singer has recently dropped a new Russian language album, with the success of that being a clear indicator of his ever growing popularity in Eastern Europe.

San Marino: ESC All Stars: Serhat, Senhit, Valentina

This one may be a bit of a stretch, but we have a dream of a San Marino All Stars supergroup featuring previous entrants from the small European territory. The gravel voiced dancepop of Serhat, Senhit’s creativity and love of an upbeat pop-bop and Valetnina’s powerhouse vocals could be a force to be reckoned with. Eurovision fans would be putty in the hands of the San Marino All Stars – let’s start the campaign for 2022.

Spain: Alvaro Soler

The Spanish-German pop hunk has found success across Europe with his albums Eterno Agosto and Mar de Colores charting from Spain to Switzerland. He’s found international appeal with collaborations with Jenifer Lopez and Flo Rida – even cracking the US Billboard Latin charts. With his natural star quality and cool, paired with the right song, Alvaro would be a shoo-in for ESC success.

Sweden: Andreas Wijk

Andreas is an artist who has been spotted many times at Melfest songwriting camps, and is undoubtedly circling the Eurovision bubble. With a new record deal through Universal Music Sweden – starting with gorgeous new single somebody to love – further exemplifies the idea that the beautiful Andreas is destined for big things. Check out his album Season 1 [Episode 1-14] to hear the singer’s skill as a songwriter and performer. It is clear we’ll be seeing Andreas appear at Melfest soon – our hope is in 2021.

Switzerland: Bastian Baker

Swiss pop favourite Bastian Baker found success in his native land with his five studio albums – the most recent of which arrived in 2018 as he garnered a high profile slot supporting Shania Twain on her world tour. With a string of chart hits in Switzerland, Belgium and France, Bastian’s heartfelt songwriting and charm could stand him in good stead at Eurovision. Bastian’s music dips into country-flavoured pop and it is a sound that generally does quite well in Eurovision.

United Kingdom: Steps

This is a a stretch and a disappointing one, as they continue to wrongly moot the it’s ‘too political’ reason when asked, but Steps would be a welcome presence at Eurovision. Their recent material including a cover of Melfest track Something In Your Eyes would be something that fans across Europe would love – as would their original material like What the Future Holds. Unfortunately Steps have more to lose with Eurovision, like many established artists in the country struck by the fear of flopping in the contest – especially since their UK tours continue to sell out and their albums continue to chart well. The British press can be very harsh and the pop five-piece simply do not to ruin positive public favour with an unsuccessful ESC turn.

Ukraine: Denis Rekonvald

The Odessa based Ukrainian pop heartthrob exudes an icy cool and sex appeal, whilst also showcasing an ear for an incredible pop song. His recent releases Alter Ego, Plane, and Fetish have thrilled audiences, whilst establishing Denis as rising pop talent in Eastern Europe. His English version of Alter Ego proved that Denis sounds good in any language, something that the rest of Europe would catch on to if he represented Ukraine at Eurovision.

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