Mumbai-Based LGBT Artist Mikhail Cazi Releases ‘Heartbreak in the Breakroom’

Heartbreak in the Breakroom is the latest release by Mikhail Cazi, an aspiring LGBT singer-songwriter from Mumbai. The lighthearted track is powered by a subtle groove as Mikhail delivers amusing lyricism detailing awkwardness and sexy sweaters on the tongue-in-cheek anthem.

The track is written, arranged, recorded and produced by Mikhail himself, with the singer noting the song is “reminiscent of a groovy Arctic Monkeys track fused with something by Wham!” The singer notes that the concept of the song may spark similarities to “the evident tension between the characters Jim and Pam” from the US version of The Office. We were won over by the cheeky attitude that Mikhail packs into the track and are very intrigued to see which direction he takes musically going forward.

Heartbreak in the Breakroom follows on from Mikhail’s previous 2020 single Helena’s Song. You can connect with the aspiring talent below: