Aspiring Charlottesville Talent trout baseline Releases ‘(a)round’ EP

We’re always on the look out for rising queer musical talents, and are delighted to introduce trout baseline to listeners who may not be aware of him. The Charlottesville native (real name Ryan Lee), who cites Sufjan Stevens and Prince as major influences, releases his debut EP (a)round today.

From the slick, immediately danceable thanksgiving day to the esoteric, melancholic pop of 5, Ryan plays with a range of musical styles and tones – delving between the juxtapositions of dark and light. A press release notes: “trout baseline immerses his listeners in a five song cyclical work representative of night and day as they experience both hope and despair, stagnation and opportunity, as well as hardcore self-reflection and toxic social projection.”

These themes feel present in the likes of nightfall – which has echoes of classic sixties pop, think The Beach Boys going slightly more experimental. There’s a joyfulness that fills the day (turn around), whilst big city immediately catches our attention with its vocoder effects and sparse production style.

You can stream the EP below. Connect with trout baseline on his social channels.
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