Rising Queer Talents HVNTER & Dead Method Collaborate on ‘Mind Games’ From ‘Queer Genesis’ LP

We recently shared our love for Dead Method’s Queer Genesis album which hit streaming services back in September. Dead Method noted: ““For me, this album is the washing away of decades of turmoil, societal oppression and the subjugation that I have faced as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.” Whilst we were described Queer Genesis as “an elegant, electronic soundscape that showcases a wealth of emotions from vulnerability to cocksure swagger.” One such track that captures these feelings is Dead Method’s collaboration with fellow queer rising talent HVNTER, dubbed Mind Games.

HVNTER tell us a little more about the inspiration behind Mind Games, noting it is “a tongue in cheek exploration of toxic masculinity within the gay community.” This is clear in the song’s bold description of the mind games faced by many in the queer community with warped perceptions of masculinity and body image plaguing many of us on a daily basis. Lyrics such as “Baby I’m so over you, you can’t escape the truth, you’re like a poison in my veins, always playing mind games,” put a catchy, inventive spin on the issue whilst crunching electronic beats and infectious backing vocals support the slick pop hooks.

The duo also released Uncool back in 2019, a pop gem well worth your time.

You can connect with Dead Method and HVNTER below.

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