NYC-Based Queer Talent Harry Taylor Drops Raw Heartbreak Anthem ‘Dead + Gone’

Tracks don’t get much more personal than New York City-based artist Harry Taylor’s Dead + Gone. The new single from Harry tackles the idea of a partner confronting another on their cheating.

“I know I can’t handle this no more, what do you take me for? Did I fall in love with someone that is dead and gone,” Harry sings against mellow electronic production which invites us into the deeply personal story of heartbreak experienced by the singer. Harry’s vocals are emotive in their ability to showcase the pain and sadness experienced by the singer – yet there is a sense of strength about the track, with Harry capturing the power that it takes to confront and cut-off someone that is ‘dead and gone’.

Harry explored the story behind the track on his Instagram noting: “You can make a mistake once. But the second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake. It’s a choice.” Like all great pop tracks, Dead + Gone is rooted in true emotion and experience, serving as a wonderful showcase for Harry’s musical voice.

Connect with the singer on his Instagram above. Also stream Dead + Gone above.

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