Greek Goddess Eleni Foureira Turns Disco Chanteuse on New Single ‘Light It Up’

The pre-chorus for Eleni Foureira’s freshly released single Light It Up sees her seductively chant: “I am gasoline / And you are my fire / Our love is T.N.T. / About to blow,” in the track which serves as her finest moment since her track Caramela. Eleni’s newest pop delight sees her head in the direction we have craved for so long – she has turned into a disco goddess.

With production that flits between classic late seventies disco synths to contemporary Daft Punk inspired nu-disco, Light It Up sees Eleni showcase her full starpower. Also featuring a video that perfectly showcases what Eleni is going for – if there was any doubt in the direction she was heading, seeing her adorned over a giant disco ball may be a hint – Light It Up is an exciting taster as to Eleni’s future as an artist.

The singer has apparently turned down the chance to represent Cyprus at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest due to concerns about COVID.

Stream Light It Up above.