Trailer: Escape from Tomorrow

Filmed in complete secrecy and dubbed Sundance’s “ultimate guerrilla film”, Escape from Tomorrow explores a darker side to the world of Disneyland. To us Randy Moore’s 2013 thriller looks like Westworld shot with a Polanskian sense of paranoia and frenzy. 

The film explores a father’s mental breakdown as he trawls through Disneyland on the last day of his family’s vacation. Here we witnesses sexually suggestive Disney Princesses, Nazi references, and rolling Epcot spheres – all in all a pretty standard family holiday. 
Escape from Tomorrow definitely has an intriguing edge from the fact that it was shot entirely behind Disney’s back (unless this is only an attempt to build up hype and publicity?) and we’ll be watching closely to see how the multi-billion dollar company reacts to Moore’s film.

If all goes to plan Escape from Tomorrow hits VOD and select cinemas on October the 11th in the USA.

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