Norwegian Artist Ruben Releases Introspective Pop Treat ‘Dear God’

Norwegian rising pop talent Ruben releases a taste of his new EP with emotive new single, Dear God. The track follows Ruben’s 2020 singles Break It Right, Burn Down This Room, and Heading Home and is produced by Lars Rosness and Kristoffer Haugman.

Released through Universal Music and written by Lars, Kristoffer and Ruben himself, the track is a heartfelt electronic pop anthem rooted in personal experience. With lyrics such as “Don’t really get what this is, It’s not gold, but we keep acting like it’s so, We just can’t call it quits, We throw our dignity off with our clothes…” the track seems to explore Ruben’s protagonist asking a higher power for advice on the route to take a broken relationship.

Ruben hails from Norwegian village Bjarkøy and has gone on to surpass 170 million Spotify streams. The introspective singer-songwriter notes: “[I am] starting to realise that I should be doing what I’ve always done. It could never be wrong if it came from my core. It’s saved me. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on why I am the way I am, and how I can be a better person.” This conscientious attitude and spirit can be heard in Ruben’s releases so far.

Connect with him below:

Instagram: @TheArtistRuben
Twitter: @TheArtistRuben
Snapchat: sc-ruben