Queer Pop Favourite Gregory Dillon Releases Something ‘lovely.’ With Blair Witch Project Inspired Video, Announces EP ‘Sad Magic’

A electronic dance-pop smash with a video inspired by The Blair Witch Project through a queer lens? We cannot deal with the gorgeous Gregory Dillon’s lovely. – a real pop event. The second track to be released from the indie pop favourite’s upcoming Sad Magic – EP sees him attempt to outrun a fear in the form of a previous mistake that jeopardised the start of a new relationship.

With production from Gregory, Petticoat and Seamus, the singer croons “A nightmare, A daydream, Oh baby, what was I thinking?, A moment, now fleeting, Never stood a chance to just be lovely (Yeah),” capturing that aforementioned idea of relationship damaged before it has the chance to become something beautiful. The singer notes: “lovely is the tale of a tender guy, (aka me) cursed by one mistake,” adding, “lovely is my attempt to outrun a fear that I destroyed the beginnings of a new relationship… and I’m not just talking about staining my new white sneakers.” 

With buoyant, synth-filled eighties-inspired production, Dillon’s strong and full vocals glide across the shimmering electronic beats. Paired with the incredible, atmospheric video from Is She The Moon, lovely. is one of Gregory’s strongest pop moments. With the addition of lovely., the singer’s upcoming EP is set to be a real delight – with the new track joining the previously released Plastic Ferrari and Screenshots. Check out the full tracklist below:

  1. Sad Magic
  2. lovely.
  3. Screenshots
  4. Plastic Ferrari
  5. Sunset

Sad Magic is due November 13th. Pre-save now. Connect with Gregory below: