Queer Pop Heartthrob Gregory Dillon Releases His New EP ‘Sad Magic’

In case you haven’t been paying attention, queer pop heartthrob Gregory Dillon has been releasing some flat-out pop masterpieces over the past few months. The singer compiles these in his Sad Magic EP and delights us with a couple of unheard new tracks.

We danced to the delightfully spooky Halloween anthem lovely. – a gorgeous trip to Camp Crystal Lake by the way of Studio 54. We felt the woozy lovesick bittersweet emotion of Screenshots, another synth-packed gem that hits with the emotional weight of a sledgehammer thanks to lines like “Just feeling reckless, replaying all the screenshots from the past.” Plastic Ferrari delivers euphoric electronic pop bliss through its production, whilst packing an undertone of sadness as it tackles ideas of false realities and repression.

Opening title track sad magic immediately hits us with Gregory’s unfaltering vocals, particularly as the strong the powerhouse chorus hits in with its poignant, dreamy lyrics: “Feeling you everywhere, Sad magic, Lost in your love affairs, As I stare into the endless…” Closing track Sunset has a similar woozy energy, with Gregory crooning against simmering mellow electronic production, whilst introducing beautiful lyricism chock-full of vibrant, yet melancholic imagery, seen in lines such as: “And we’re fading, on borrowed time (Fading in time) And if you’re waiting, I’ll stay behind (Baby, take your time) I see your eyes And, baby, hope you notice mine (Hope you notice mine).”

An official description notes: “Sad Magic shows Dillon’s yearning to re-explore the complex landscape that both shaped and saddened his adolescent years as a lonely teen in suburbia. With 80’s stained anthems, personal storytelling, and euphoric pop sound, Dillon’s realization of a stereotyped American-Dream is one best reflected in solitude.”

Sad Magic is a gorgeous slice of pop music delving from euphoric bliss to the beautifully poignant and melancholic. Gregory’s abilities as an artist are hugely admirable, from the vocal clout on display to the vivid imagery-filled lyricism and nostalgic, sharp production. Connect with Gregory and stream Sad Magic below.


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