Rising Queer Talent Regulus Red Drops 80s-Fuelled New Single ‘Body Rock’

Bursting open with highly charged eighties-inspired synths, rising queer talent Regulus Red’s latest single Body Rock is a true delight. The half-Welsh, half-Italian singer-songwriter delivers a nostalgia-fuelled pop anthem that forces you to sit up and pay attention.

Regulus notes: “I made this track for anyone like me, thinking that summer never really ends, as long as we rock our bodies hard” and that’s clear from the song’s lyrics about dancing in carefree hedonistic bliss. With its crunching industrial synths and vocoder effects aplenty, Body Rock stands as one of the rising talent’s most exciting releases yet.

Body Rock follows Regulus Red’s previous releases, the moody sexually-charged pop anthem Wanna See You Naked, electronic dance track All For Himself, March’s sultry High Price, and Regulus’s atmospheric debut Ghoster. His debut EP is set to arrive in the coming weeks, dubbed Red Prince of the Night.