Finnish Star NEEKOH Delivers Icy Atmospheric Synths on New Single ‘Falling’

NEEKOH had great success in his native Finland after a stint on the country’s version of Pop Idol, but much has changed since his appearance on the show – many of these changes channelled in his latest track, Falling.

Packed with atmosphere through its icy synth-infused production, Falling hits with the emotive strength through NEEKOH’s bold, unflinching vocals. Ending a twelve year relationship, prompted NEEKOH to open up with his songwriting, something showcased in the lyrics which deal with finding new love: “I fall into your arms / Though I don’t know who you are (who you are) / Hoping there’s no morning / That’ll break my heart (break my heart).” The track is inspired by NEEKOH’s real experience of finding new love and moving to New Zealand.

NEEKOH tells us: “The song is about hopelessly falling in love with a stranger. The strange phenomenon where you feel entirely drunk on someone you don’t even know, which is terrifyingly beautiful. I had to take my chances and leave my home country and everything I knew behind to follow my heart. And you know, it’s a damn long way from Finland to New Zealand.”

With a real vocal richness and lyrical honesty, rooted in real experience, paired with immaculate electronic synthpop production, Falling is an undeniable treat. The track features on NEEKOH’s upcoming Dark Hearts EP, alongside previous single Dead City. This is slated for release early 2021.

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