Meet Elliot Jones and His Self-Empowerment Anthem ‘Groupie’

Elliot Jones serves star power, charisma and a distinctly original pop sound on his most recent single Groupie. With seventies influence apparent, the song is an ode to self-empowerment and shedding toxicity from your life delivered with a moody swagger.

Elliot told Gay Times that the song is about: “a toxic relationship I was in where I felt like I was putting in a lot more into it than I was getting back.” The song really captures that sense of frustration about supporting someone, who does not reciprocate.

The track is accompanied by a darkly atmospheric, nostalgic video from Chris Garcia & Shawn Binder that showcases Elliot’s charisma and star-power as he gradually replaces the band members that he’s been supporting.

We’re massively excited about what Elliot does next. Keep track of his social media accounts below:

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