Queer Berlin-Based Artist Neyon Shines With the Defiant ‘Disco Punk’

Brimming with brash attitude and a refreshingly proud sense of queerness, Berlin based musician Neyon’s latest track Disco Punk brings the best of both genres of music its title showcases.

Just as the best disco music embraces the concept of embracing your own self-identity, Neyon combines this with the unapologetic attitude of underground punk in his latest single. The handsome Berliner notes: “The song is an ode to being yourself and scaring “normal people” with being different.” Disco Punk is undeniably very different, not conforming to standards of how music is necessarily expected to sound – something that Neyon’s confident German-accented vocals showcase.

Neyon adds: “I’ve always identified myself with punk lifestyle since I love longing for freedom. And I also love electronic pop music. Both ideas mixed with queer culture inspired me to create this record.”

Part of Neyon’s appeal is his proud queer thematics shown in his video for Disco Punk and heard in its lyrics. The singer shows that it’s possible to create catchy, electronic pop that also pays tribute to social issues and presents a defiantly proud sense of queerness.

Connect with Neyon below:

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