Robin Bengtsson Is ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Robin Bengtsson returns with his strongest single in recent years this week. Titled Dancing with the Stars the track from the former Swedish Eurovision representative and three times Melfest competitor, is a jaunty guitar-driven anthem.

Bengtsson writes the song with Jenson Vaughan and Moh Denebi – the latter also produces. Comparing meeting his partner to a celestial experience the I Can’t Go On crooner sings “You were dancing in my arms / Your head resting in my heart/ With a million diamonds in your eyes / We look up and feel so small / to the magic of it all…” The singer has confirmed that he has been busy working on more new material over the previous months – whether we will hear this as part of a potential debut album or standalone singles is not clear yet.

Last month Bengtsson released Gavin DeGraw cover I Don’t Wanna Be which we previously featured on the site. Stream the new original track above.

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