Will Armex Debuts New Track ‘The Shadow’

Will Armex writes and performs new track The Shadow – a follow-up to his 2019 track Love Is Gone. The Ukraine based performer releases the track, which has already found success through topping Kiss FM Top 40 Ukrainian Chart, through Effective Records.

Opening with slinky Mediteranean-influenced instrumentation, Will’s bold distinctive vocals shine as he croons a chorus of “I don’t need the love and you / But I’m still loving you.” This is an atmospheric mid-tempo with Will’s natural charisma shining against the gradually rising dramatic instrumentation.

Will’s label notes: “A young musical profect consisting of a DJ and soundproducer Will Armex presents his third release on Effective Records – The Shadow. His previous track – Love Is Gone – was immediately loved by the audience. So his new tune is promised to be even better and gain even more success on charts and among its listeners.”

Stream The Shadow above. You can connect with Will’s social media outlets below. Stream the remix of the track below.


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