Sergey Lazarev Releases ‘Я не могу молчать’ (“I Cannot Be Silent”)

Russian pop supremo Sergey Lazarev jolts us into Summer with upbeat new anthem I Cannot Be Silent. The track written by Aleksandr Malinovskiy and Timur Elchin sees Sergey unable to contain his silence – eager to shout about love from the rooftops.

I Cannot Be Silent is a bombastic pop smash packed with euphoric dance production, Sergey’s always impeccable emotive vocal delivery, and an upbeat message. On his official Instagram, Sergey notes: “My Summer Premiere! “I can not be silent!” This song is for all lovers! Love is a feeling familiar to everyone! When in love, I want to shout about it all over the world !!! Let this song be the song of your summer!)

The track continues to showcase Sergey’s versatility as an artist, following his dramatic ballad ‘The Last Day of Pompeii’ released in April. The Russian Eurovision favourite has also been teasing us with the dream of another English language studio album as he also promotes a new Summer edit of Back In Time with DJ Ivan Martin.

Connect with Sergey and his UK Twitter fan hub below:

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