Netflix Trailer: Too Hot To Handle

Like many we’ve been living off reality television as of late – ironically as a means to help us escape current grim reality we’re living in. Looking like the perfect antidote to current media miserablism is Netflix’s upcoming Too Hot To Handle – a new spin on the traditional Love Island or Ex on the Beach style dating show.

The byline notes: “Your next reality dating obsession has arrived. Too Hot To Handle puts to the test whether these hot singletons can find emotional connection without the sex.

Forbidding its commitment-shy contestants from hooking up in a temptation filled four week stay at a luxury villa, should make for very intriguing high-trash viewing. Chuck in an Alexa type robot with a puritanical moral code and then you’ve got a hit television series.

Watch the trailer below. Too Hot to Handle drops on April 17th.

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