Music: Alaska Thunderfuck Unleashes Her 'Vagina' LP

Drag Race superstar, Alaska Thunderfuck has unleashed her Vagina upon to the world. The performer's fourth studio album was surprise released this week - with the politically-savvy title track serving as a real standout.

The album follows ANUS, Poundcake and collaborative LP Amethyst Journey with Jeremy Mikush. The twelve song tracklist is lead by title track Vagina - which will hit you with its earworm of a chorus "Hands up! Bow down to vagina." The album also contains Snaked which was released as a single late 2018.

  1. Vagina
  2. Leopard Print
  3. Everybody Wants To Fuck Me
  4. Walk Into the Club
  5. Getting Kicked out (Of Micky's on a Monday Night) 
  6. Cellulite
  7. Drip
  8. Snaked
  9. Frances
  10. Pride
  11. Twisted
  12. Land of the Midnight Sun

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