Trailer: Dylan McDermott in Freezer

There is something completely compelling about films where the central character is trapped in an everyday location, yet under deadly circumstances. We've previously seen the likes of it in 247°F (sauna horror) and Frozen (ski-lift horror) and now it is time for Dylan McDermott to step into the icy cold horror of Freezer.

McDermott has seen a career renaissance in recent years thanks to his work in American Horror Story, a show that landed him the lead in TV series Hostages and standalone horror film Freezer. The latter sees him play an ordinary man who is trapped in a meat freezer by Russian thugs who are convinced that he owes them $8 million.

The premise of Freezer is suitably intriguing and who doesn't like the idea of having their eyes fixed on DILF-man McDermott for ninety minutes?

Freezer is directed by Mikael Salomon. It is available on R1 DVD/BR and On-Demand now.

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