Preview: Sky Living/NBC's Dracula

Horror has been doing well on TV recently - last night FX's American Horror Story saw the highest season premiere for the show, Supernatural is still going strong nine seasons in, and Hannibal is winning over the critics. Therefore it makes sense that NBC and Sky Living would team-up for Dracula, which should be a safe bet for both networks.

Starting on Sky Living on the 31st of October, Dracula stars the exceedingly handsome Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in the titular role - who will no doubt put a refreshing spin on the character. Deviating from Bram Stoker's source novel, Dracula sees the Count posing as an American entrepreneur in London who hopes to bring modern science to London. However, this appears to be a front for his plans of revenge on those that betrayed him centuries earlier.

We just hope that the series strays far enough away from the traditional Dracula story which is now unbearably dull and over-told. We can't really hide our suspicions that this may all be rather tame too, Dracula should be a carnal tale that is not prepared to hold back and we're not entirely sure NBC will be able to deliver this. If this were HBO or Showtime on the other hand, we would be more confident that we would be getting something with a bit more grit and not Days of Our Lives with fangs.We hope we will be pleasantly surprised come the end of October.

Dracula begins in the US on October 25th on NBC and on October 31st on Sky Living in the UK. It also stars Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Jessica De Gouw, Katie McGrath, and Thomas Kretschmann as Van Helsing.   

You can view the trailer and a selection of stills below.

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