Trailer: Robert Redford in All Is Lost

You only really need to read the critic's quotes at the end of the trailer below to see the kind of feedback that Margin Call's J.C. Chandor's latest feature is getting. It also seems to be a true return to form for sole-star Robert Redford whose acting turns of late have been somewhat sporadic.

Redford stars as a sailor who finds his yacht beginning to sink after a collision with a shipping container. He soon faces a rush against the clock to find a means of survival as water begins to pour into his boat.

The trailer gives us an early impression as to how tense this race for survival looks set to be - which should result in a truly thrilling watch. We all know that Redford can command the screen - so the prospect of seeing him back in a leading role is a sheer delight.

All Is Lost hits the UK on November 29th 2013.

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