Preview: Malcolm McDowell meets Santa in Silent Night

"Christmas, the number one holiday for people going nuts."

Oh wow, just when we were thinking that there wasn't much trash to look forward to this year - along comes Liz & Dick (review coming VERY shortly) and possibly the definitive demented Santa flick, Silent Night.

Yes chance are it's just a rehash of all the great Santa-themed horror films - Silent Night, Deadly Night, Christmas Evil and who could forget this magnificent segment from Tales From The Crypt (we all know that is fake, because in real life Joanie would fuck Santa up)? Rehash or not, this is still a Santa horror and looks like the perfect slice of Xmas macabre for your holiday season.

However, you can probably judge from the title, that it is not just a demented Santa that has us excited - it is his magnificent opponent - Malcolm McDowell. He does seem to be playing an identical character to the second incarnation of Halloween's Dr. Loomis - but that doesn't matter, it's Malcolm McDowell he can do what he likes.

From the eery carols, shots of Santa using crazy power tools and flame-throwers and Mally McD bitching about Christmas. We have a feeling Silent Night will be leading to a very trashy Christmas.

Silent Night is released on 30th November 2012 in the USA and hopefully elsewhere prior to Christmas.

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